Manoranjan Gupta

Manoranjan is the Director of Amrut Software. Manoranjan aka Manu or as the name means “Entertainment”, Manu is a very humble and fun loving person. His energy and calmness at the same time are astonishing.

Manu can be easily fired up with words like Supply Chain, Logistics etc. He can talk hours on these and still will have something new for you when you meet him next. This may be because of his multi-cultural background. A mix of Bengal and Kerala with brought up in Maharashtra, Manu has tasted lands of different religions and cultures.

The contributions of Manu are immense in developing different segments of business services in Amrut Software. His love for work has not got interfered with his personal life. He is a is fan of Beer but at the same time he is a very health conscious person. Participating in Marathons is one of his hobbies.