Reports and Analytics

Pricing Reports

Our BPO team consists of professionals who are adjudged and experienced in preparing Price Reports for our clients. We help customers in generating these reports for various retailers and give our suggestions to retailers regarding what could be the optimum market price and how they could manipulate their prices as opposed to their competitors. We also help the retailers to make better pricing decisions that keep them competitive—without blindly following their competitors. The initial research and generation of customized reports help the client to have a firm ground when launching a product or a service in the market. Based on our pricing reports, you can implement a price structure as per the market dynamics. Eventually, your margins improve along with your productivity and the overall conversions will increase, making the venture a success.

Product Research

Amrut brings to you Product Research Report service meeting your business needs and keeping your objectives in mind. We try and understand what your project requirements are. We then tailor our product offering for you and give you a solution guaranteeing a competitive edge and output generation at the same time. We also conduct research on upcoming features and probable industry dynamics to gauge what is in popular demand amongst the audience, before launching your product in the market. Additionally, this exercise also helps in product pricing and related activities. Our research processes are rigorous and our proprietary methodologies ensure detailed reporting and customer satisfaction.

Competitor Analysis

We boast of experts who are the best in the industry when it comes to analyzing your competitor’s behavior and basing your market strategies to derive maximum output. Competitor Analysis helps us convert the information gathered to give you a better insight, well before the product launch or before you introduce a new service in the market. We collect, collate, analyze and interpret the data researched to understand your competitor. We provide you with a detailed analysis that further helps you gain an insight into what they offer, what their marketing strategies are and how much market share do they command. With our experts in the field, we can provide you with in-depth competitive intelligence report. We also guide you about the competitor’s tactics and the way it might affect your own. Our analysts at Amrut have the best industry knowledge and competitive analytical skills to do this. The end objective is to improve your brand value and presence in the market, eventually increasing sales.