Business Analytics

Excel is so Out of Fashion! It’s time for you to get a real taste of Live Reporting…

Business Analytics is something that has been around a while but there still is no perfect answer for it till NOW! Amrut Software has been deep diving into Business Analytics and have figured out exactly how this can be the most refined version available.

Features that makes Amrut software’s BA stand apart

Smarter Decision Making

Leave all your Excel Pivot tables behind, it’s time that Pivots help you make decisions even smart with Smart Data Exploration tools. This Feature enables you to create better insights, quickly use customized Filter and get ready for some decisions that nobody will be able to discover!


We did not stop at just connecting your Excel sheets but you are given an option to connect a vast variety of Platforms be them Google Analytics, Cloud Storages like Dropbox or Google Drive, as well as Big Data and Database Management tools like SQL or Oracle.

Ability to Predict

With State-of-Art Design to have visually compelling reports, we have invested a lot in the way the Software can understand your data and predict the future moves for you. This helps you Decision Making process and you can understand the various Permutation combinations without typing in anything.


Ok all these sounds good but can I use Maps? Yes, it’s completely possible. With Advancement of our research, we can give you detailed reports which you can pin point on your custom maps with complete flexible options to fetch you results in the required format.


Why keep your achievements to yourself? BI is designed in a way that you can share the reports with everyone on the team with different access rights of editing, reading or commenting. Your team can redefine the Strategy or can give you more inputs on the data based on their detailed analysis. Only Sky is the Limit here!

The whole Experience of BI is divided into 2 Sub Categories


Data is the raw version of input for BI. To get it into an understandable format without much of a hassle, there are simple tools designed:

Automatic Data Parsing:
As soon as the Data is up in the BI, the feature of Data Parsing is enabled. It helps you sort, filter, expand, compress and analyse the Data in ways that you might have not even imagined!

Custom Formulas:
Stuck with predefined formulas? Don’t worry this is not a software that is built with a closed mind. You can edit the formulas and join multiple functionalities using complex mathematical equations and the BI will figure it out.
Download your custom or pre-defined reports in the Format you desire. Be it CSV, PDF or Office Suit, all happens with just a click of a Button.


Enterprise Version is basically for those whose companies are built on making Analysis. This Feature enables you to Deep Dive into the ocean of Research, Formulations, Complex Statics, and so much more.

With Top of the Line Security for all your Data, Information and Accessibility, the only way security can be compromised, is by human gossips!

Connecting to a much larger Platforms Options like API, Servers, and Cloud with simple to migrate coding structure. Migrating has never been easier

With such extensive selection of Business Analytical Tools and easy integration processes, it’s time to get the automated reports with much more details of data and an approximate prediction of the demand.