Better customer service starts with better communication

Build better customer

Good customer relationships take work. They require knowledge and the tools to get the job done right. That’s what Zendesk is for. Our products allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data. Above all, they help turn interactions into lasting relationships.

The Zendesk Family

Amrut software and Zendesk help organizations understand their customers, improve communication, and offer support where and when it’s needed most. The products work closely together, sharing data, customer history, and communication channels, so your team can too.


A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets

Zendesk Help Center Icon

help center

A self-service destination featuring knowledge base articles, community forums, and a customer portal.


Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in the moment.


Call center software that allows for more personal and productive phone support conversations


Message software that helps companies engage customers on their favorite messaging apps


Customer intelligence software built for targeted campaigns and proactive engagement


Analytics to help measure and understand the entire customer experience

Better customer service starts with better communication

Zendesk brings all your customer conversations into one place.

Introducing The New Zendesk

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