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March 4, 2024

Expanding GitLab's Reach: Official Plugins for JetBrains and Neovim

Introduction:GitLab is on a mission to enhance developer productivity and extend the power of GitLab Duo Code Suggestions across various development environments. With the introduction of official plugins for JetBrains and Neovim, GitLab is taking a giant leap towards achieving this goal.

GitLab for JetBrains IDEs


JetBrains users can now easily access the GitLab for JetBrains plugin from the JetBrains Plugin Marketplace or directly within their IDE. Simply install the plugin, configure authentication, and you're ready to go! Enjoy the convenience of receiving code suggestions inline as you work. Boost your coding speed and efficiency by accepting suggestions with a simple Tab press or keep typing to receive new ones.

GitLab for Neovim

Neovim users can now tap into the power of GitLab for Neovim by downloading the plugin from GitLab and following the setup instructions. Customize your experience with available configuration options and receive code suggestions directly within the UI. GitLab is eager to hear your feedback and suggestions to further enhance this plugin.

Expanding AI/ML Features

Our training and mentoring programs have received a positive response. For new leaders and high-potential employees, coaching sessions focused on identifying leadership language, assessing belief systems, and addressing conscious and unconscious biases.

Towards a Standardized Future

GitLab is actively working on a GitLab Language Server for Code Suggestions, paving the way for standardization and faster iterations on IDE extensions. This initiative will enable users to access GitLab Duo Code Suggestions even if an official extension isn't available for their preferred IDE or code editor. The future looks promising as GitLab plans to collaborate with the community to refine this project and provide comprehensive documentation.

Join the Journey

GitLab is excited to receive feedback and suggestions from users as they explore these new plugins for JetBrains and Neovim. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of GitLab's development tools. Together, let's make coding faster, smoother, and more efficient with GitLab Duo Code Suggestions! Try the plugins now and be a part of this transformative journey. Happy coding!