Dasman Bilingual School – Case Study

Case Study: Dasman Bilingual School

Client’s overview

Our client is a bilingual school based out of Kuwait missioned with providing holistic and high quality education to children.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to streamline communication between parents and teachers so that all the communication related to child’s growth and development happens timely and without any gaps.

Earlier, teachers interacted with the queries of the parents over the email. The client wanted to leverage technology to make their support seamless.


Amrut Software helped the client with a robust Zendesk implementation to consolidate and strengthen the school’s support function..

The omnichannel support integrated all the queries from email, chat and Whatsapp in one single place.

Based on load balancing mechanism, the queries were then distributed to the available teacher agent to be addressed.

Impact / Benefits / Outcome

With Zendesk implementation, the client was able to:

  • Have omnichannel engagement with parents
  • Schedule weekly real-time communication with head of
    departments and parents
  • Make parent-teacher engagement smooth and fast

At a glance

  • Implemented Zendesk support in a week
  • Load balancing of queries between 10 teachers
  • Automated routing of support queries from a centralised place
  • Reduced communication lag making response faster
  • Clear visibility into teacher engagement

Products used

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