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Case Study: | Ghana | Where Ghana Shops

Client’s overview

The client is Ghana’s largest chain of retail department stores. As Ghana’s largest chain of retail chain, the client’s retail enterprises are home to thousands of products and hundreds of well known brands all under one roof. Managing retail operations and providing effective customer service requires seamless collaboration with different teams for which the client approached Amrut Software.

Business Challenges

  • In retail or ecommerce industry, customer support function is very critical. Customers today are expecting exceptional customer service.
  • Before moving to automation, our client managed customer service through email. That was proving extremely cumbersome for the client to manage and track customer conversations manually.
  • The team would use group email boxes in Outlook for communication, which needed all the communication to be closely tracked and monitored. This caused a lot of confusion and chaos as the team would find it difficult to peer through all the customer queries and provide the right response.
  • The team had absolutely no visibility into the performance of customer service agents. This led to a poor customer service experience causing delays and
    mistakes in communication


After a series of meetings, our team conducted a detailed requirement gathering session with the client on how to transform their customer support system. Our team took time to understand and analyze all the pain points.

Based on the inputs gathered, Amrut Software designed a robust Zendesk implementation plan that helped the client in delivering exceptional customer support across all the channels and become truly omnichannel.

Amrut Software set out to implement Zendesk and worked in close collaboration with all the stakeholders. Our team was able to to implement, test and go-live with With Zendesk within a few weeks, delivering a seamless omnichannel experience!

Business Impact

  • A centralised ticketing system was created through Zendesk Support to attend to queries from omnichannel touchpoints with in-built status tracking.
  • The client was able to get complete visibility and performance reports of their customer service agents through Zendesk Explore.
  • Zendesk Chat was integrated to solve customer queries in real-time.
  • Zendesk Guide was implemented as the knowledge base to empower self servicing by providing detailed FAQs.

Client experience – Melcom

By implementing Zendesk, the client was able to bring a great improvement in its customer service and support function. The team was able to track important customer
interactions so that right action could be triggered when needed.

With Zendesk implementation, the client was able to:

  • Sort out and organize support queries in one place
  • Integrate social media queries for omnichannel support experience
  • Solve real-time queries with chat
  • Deflect ticket creation with better self-service

At a glance

  • Centralised ticketing system
  • Implemented in 6 weeks
  • 2x faster reply time
  • Real-time and omnichannel support
  • Granular status tracking
  • Deep dive performance reports

Products used

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