Somaiya Collage – Case Study

Case Study: Somaiya Collage, Mumbai. India

Client’s overview

Our client is a leading autonomous university based out of Mumbai. The Somaiya Vidyavihar Complex was founded in 1959 by late K.J. Somaiya with a vision to shape young minds through quality education. In just five decades the Somaiya University has grown into a large educational complex on a throbbing 65 acre campus. The university comprises 34 individual institutes dedicated to the streams of arts, sciences, management, engineering, medicine, humanities, philosophies and social sciences. including schools. There are 39000+ students and 3000+ faculties and staff studying and working here.

Problem Statement

Somaiya University consists of several colleges of different streams wherein students raise queries regarding admission,support requests on their website. To streamline the support function, the management wanted all the incoming student queries to be collected at a single place, which would then be distributed college wise/course wise.

Once the student/user logs into the university website and fills the required form regarding any courses, or raises an issue for any institute/admission related query on their website, the query should flow automatically into a centralised portal. From here the query would then be allocated to the concerned college or department who will then communicate with the student/user regarding the query raised.


Jira Implementation

Amrut Software helped the client by integrating a live Jira ticketing system to streamline the student queries.

As soon as the user fills the form and clicks on the submit button on the university website, the system takes the populated fields of the form, converts it in JSON format and sends it as an email. (This was implemented by Somaiya).

Once the queries come on email, a live Jira ticket is automatically created consisting of all the fields that were filled by the user on the website. As the Jira ticket is created, concerned people start working on it.

With this system, the relevant authorities can communicate with the user directly from Jira, and the user is then automatically notified on email and on customer portal (if they create one) regarding the responses he gets from the various colleges.


Integration of Facebook Ads

The second part of implementation was to integrate Facebook ads campaign through CS import/export functionality of Jira.

A lot of student queries would come in from Facebook through ad campaigns. Amrut helped the client integrate Facebook ad queries with Jira ticketing system. So once a student registers on a form run by the client’s Facebook ads, his data is captured in an XL file, which through CS integration is then exported and converted into a Jira ticket.

Using this feature, the university can then distribute and allocate leads coming in through Facebook ads and capture them in Jira to then pass it to the relevant authorities for further action.

Business Impact

With Jira implementation and Facebook integration, the client was able to:

  • Create a seamless support system for student queries
  • The implementation streamlined and simplified the way queries were handled
  • The queries were sorted and routed efficiently and passed on to the right authorities for discussion
  • Queries from Facebook were also captured and synced in Jira
  • Clear visibility and accountability brought into the system

At a glance

  • Implemented Jira Service Desk, with Facebook integration
  • Centralised system to collect all student queries
  • Automated routing of support queries to the relevant colleges within the university
  • Capture important queries on social media through Facebook Jira integration
  • Enhanced student-college interaction
  • Time-based query redressal

Products used

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