Discover JFrog Frogbot: the powerful Git bot designed to scan your repositories for security vulnerabilities!

Discover Frogbot

Here is what makes Frogbot a game-changer:

Why choose JFrog Frogbot?

Getting Frogbot up and running:

  • JFrog Environment: Don’t have one yet? No problem! Set up a free JFrog environment and let Frogbot scan your Git repositories with no limits.
  • Runtime Environment: Frogbot plays well with GitHub Actions, JFrog Pipelines, Jenkins, and Azure Pipelines. Choose the runtime that suits your workflow and enjoy seamless integration and efficient scanning.

Ready to leap into action with Frogbot?

1. Installation

Follow simple steps to install Frogbot, including setting up your JFrog environment and configuring the frogbot-config.yml file if needed.

2. Usage

Unleash Frogbot's scanning powers on pull requests and repositories. Keep a constant eye on potential vulnerabilities and shield your codebase like a pro.

3. Frogbot Badge

Show off your protected repository with the Frogbot badge. Copy the markdown snippet and paste it into your README file. Let the world know that your code is guarded by Frogbot's watchful gaze.

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