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Our advanced tools and services will manage your data with a breeze.

Data is one of the most complex things to sort, organize, manage, filter and get an outcome as desired. There are Petabytes of data uploaded every day on internet. Collecting, sorting, interpreting, analysing and reporting are some of the aspects that most the companies are not able to decode.

We understand that Data Management can be a time-consuming and a tedious task but it’s equally important. This is where our expertise of more than a decade comes handy. At Amrut Software the Data Services are divided into the following:

Data Management service offered

Data Entry

Effective Data Entry is crucial in the companies today as with every incorrect data entered in the system, there are higher chances of the final results being completely misleading and diverting you in the directions of creating baseless strategies.

Data Conversion

With huge sources of Data received from vast varieties of sources bringing them in a singular format is important. Either converting the documents into Excel, Word, PDF or any other sort of formats that help you understand your own data better.

Data Mining

Online and Offline mixture of data is the most commonly used technique and we have mastered that as well.

Data Cleansing

Once the data for different products is ready, a QC check is done on the complete content by a different team to improve the corrupt or inaccurate data from the records.

Data Analytics

Once the data is mined, sorted, cleansed and ready for final interpretation stage, there is a great need of simplistic tools to give you a very filtered Analysis and Explanation of the whole Data with very simple viewing options.

Cataloguing Data

Content of all the products is the key point of contact between your products and customers. Writing and managing the content of the Catalogues or Products like Specs, Features or Services of a product on multiple platforms.

After years of playing with Data, we have understood the tips and tricks of how it can be deciphered easily. Our advanced tools and services will manage your data with a breeze. If you have some requirements in Data Management which are not mentioned in the above 6 points, just give us a call or mail us. We can create a process according to your need. It’s that Simple!

Data Management Process Flow

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