Ecommerce Catalog Content Management & Maintenance

“An Art to give Life to your Products!”

Catalogs are a way to showcase your products in the best possible way. But Digital Cataloguing is not just the images that makes it complete, it is a bundle of Data, Descriptions, Bullet points to highlight the important features of the products and a competitive Pricing.

Let’s understand how the 3 aspects works together


The first and the most important section is the Data.
Entering the correct data for the correct product along with assigning of SKUs, MSKU’s, Barcodes and Data Entry in the system is done at this stage of Catalogue.


Every platform or every individual has different set of requirements for images.
Capturing the image through crawlers, editing them, correcting them as per different requirements and then uploading them are few of the stages in Product Life Cycle Management.


Pricing is the last and most crucial aspect of any ecommerce website and retail chains. Customers are keen to find the best available price in the market so to keep customers satisfied, everyone wants to have refreshed prices all the time.

Retailers have a pool of products where prices keep on fluctuating. Hence, it’s very important to capture prices and keep the retailer prices updated on various ecommerce platforms. Our team has expertise on capturing such dynamic prices with use of intellectual labor as well as different tools.

Product life cycle management happens through the following stages

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