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“Automation is the new way for Super-Fast Order Processing"

With one day deliveries provided by companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. there is an intensive need to complete the order processing and shipping before 24 hours, but are you able to process the order in less than an hour of receiving it? If not then you need assistance.

Order Management cover many touch points in the Supply Chain Network and is one of the most crucial aspects for any company to consider is as a secondary endeavour. Sub-optimal planning in demand management, order management, inventory management, return management as well as finance management.

Amrut Software’s Order Management system is one-of-a kind. The complete solution package covers every technical aspect in your organization and to incorporate autonomous mechanism of Order Management.

Different companies have different ways of Order Management. Some prefer Manual Excel Sheet work while others prefer a hybrid of Manual Plus Automatic. Outsourcing complete Order Management is the simplest way to take the headache out of your system.

We provide two ways to Order Management

Dedicated team from Amrut to manage orders

All the areas which are marked as Green in flow chart below can be managed by us. This means all the system related things can be completely managed by us. It is just the physical labour that you will have to focus on.

Building your own system from scratch

Every company wants to customize to tailor fit their own processes and there are no single answers out there in the market. We help you build the complete architecture based on your requirements with advance tools to make you optimize your processes better.

Benefits of Order Management

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