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What is polycystic ovary?

Polycystic ovaries are those that show multiple follicles in the ovary on ultrasonography. It is different from polycystic ovarian syndrome which is associated with metabolic and hormonal changes as well. It is usually well controlled with lifestyle modifications.

What is HPV vaccine?

It is a vaccine against Human Papilloma virus which is mainly responsible for cervical cancer and warts. It is to be taken in the adolescent age group before sexual activity is initiated for full protection.

What is latest drug treatment for menorrhagia?

Ormiloxiphene is the latest drug treatment for menorrhagia.

Is it enough to take HPV vaccine? Is no other form of screening required for cervical cancer?

No. Along with taking HPV vaccine, regular pap smears are also required for screening of cervical cancer.

Are calcium supplements always required in post menopausal women?

The maximum bone mass is at 30 yrs of age. After that it gradually declines. It is safer to take calcium supplements in post menopausal status.

Is laparoscopy better for myomectomy or open surgeries?

The decision will depend on the size and location of fibroids. Any form of surgery which will require least time with minimal damage to tubes and minimal adhesions is preferable.

How many times in a cycle can I pill (emergency contraception ) be taken?

I pill can be taken only once in a lifetime. Some other form of ongoing contraception has to looked for after that.

Can sexual relations be resumed after hysterectomy?

Definitely. In hysterectomy, the vagina is preserved. After wound healing has taken place, usually 6 weeks, the couple can resume normal sexual activity.

Are there any precautions before pregnancy?

Folic acid supplementation is advised 6 months before pregnancy to avoid neural tube defects in the baby.