An active user community within a help center is a great way for users to connect with one another, share ideas, and get answers to questions. Communities like these are helpful for companies scaling their support operations, because they allow users to get help from the people who most deeply understand their needs—their peers. Here’s how the Zendesk Community works and why it’s valuable in improving and enhancing the customer experience.

Unique user insights: A richer support experience

Say a user has a question about how to best structure their knowledge base for use in a higher-education setting. Zendesk Customer Advocates and Success representatives can make plenty of great suggestions and provide best practices, but at the end of the day, the best advice on the higher-education use case are people who manage a knowledge base for this express purpose. Using the Zendesk Community, that user could post their question and receive a response from users who also use Zendesk in a higher-ed setting. This “apples-to-apples” support experience can be a big help for customers trying to set up a specific kind of Zendesk implementation.

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