Mobile Application Development

5 Billion People out of Total 7 Billion Population around the world use Mobile Phones!”

A recent study shows that more users are beginning to use Mobile Apps rather than websites to transact and interact digitally.


Why Mobile App

Let the numbers speak. With around 5 Billion people using the Mobile phones and the number is increasing, there is a much greater opportunity for your business to grow in the minds of people. Above that Mobile Apps have following advantages:

Which Platform to Choose

Three Major Platforms for Mobile Application Development




The decision is tough to make, you can go for all the 3 Operating System or select any one as per your target audience. But to make a better decision, lets understand the number of apps that are downloaded on these platforms:

The chart here shows that the users of Android are much more active when it comes to downloading the App. iOS users might be a bit hesitant as there is a limited space for the internal storage and they might not want to fill up the data with lot of Apps.

So the final decision can be yours, either to select a single platform or to select multiple to reach a much wider audience.

How is it done?

Over the years we have cracked the code of how efficiently and in a very dedicated deadline, we can complete the process from scratch. Below chart shows the complete process flow of the work that is done, either in an Agile or Waterfall Model as per the scope of the project.


We listen to your idea, give our inputs, come on a common ground and develop a Detailed Scope of the Project.

Sketching Out

Once the idea is ready with its Scope, we at our hub start sketching the detailed Road map with the deadlines and timelines associated with the Project.

Graphics Time

It’s time to make your idea come to reality with a complete layout of your App with Beautiful icons, Functionality designing, Accessibility and so much more.


Once the template of the App is ready, it’s time to scribble up content that will make sense of the whole idea and helps creator convey the message of the Usability of the App.


This is the time when Coders jump in. With the complete template and content ready, coders start writing long lists of codes.

Test, Test & Test

Every phase of development has detailed testing stages to make the App as error free as possible.


Ironing out the issues that are hampering the smooth flow of the App and retesting it.

Let’s Make it LIVE

This is the phase where months of hard work, sleepless nights and innumerable time spent discussing is going to make sense.

Maintenance & Updates

Regular bug fixes and security updates are a crucial part of any App. This has a profound effect on the overall rating of the App.

Benefits of Getting the App developed from us

Great mobile applications are more than just lines of codes.
They are a team effort of understanding your requirements, gathering insights, working uniformly, and delivering it in time.

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