Nagios XI 5.5 Latest Release Delivers Host of New Features

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XI 5.5 is the most security focused update release yet, with a number of new features and upgrades speciically geared towards making XI more secure.

Along with security features, we’ve also added a number of user requested features and other improvements to make your Nagios XI workflow easier and better than ever.

Security Updates

Nagios continues to make security a focus with XI 5.5 delivering the most security updates of any release.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Secured Rapid Response URLs
  • Easy SSL setup on install
  • Improved scheduled backup settings with SSH keys
  • Improved encryption and hashing algorithms
  • Session cookie time-out settings
  • Single-use auth token API endpoint

Feature Updates

New Configuration Wizards

A suite of wizards for Amazon EC2 and S3, Azure, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Linode will help you get your cloud deployment monitored quickly, and the new Docker wizard will help you monitor the health of your containers.

Updated Backend

Updated versions of Nagios Core, Nagios- Plugins, NRPE, NRDP, and NSCA are included in XI 5.5.

New Developer Help

New developer documentation for translations and authentication tokens.

NagVis Update and Integration

Checks if a missing host or service has been removed and will try to remove it from the BPI group keeping your system up to date with config changes.

Scheduled Reports*

XI 5.5 gives you the power to simplify your day-to-day duties. Admins can now manage scheduled reports in one place and easily copy reports to other users.

SNMP Trap Interface*

Configure your SNMP trap setup and view the SNMP traps coming into your XI system with the new trap interface.

Intelligent BPI

Checks if a missing host or service has been removed and will try to remove it from the BPI group keeping your system up to date with config changes.

Quick and Easy Installation

New installation setup page and process. Configure SSL and the admin user notifications upon installation for a speedy initial setup.

User Limited CCM Configuration Access

Users can now make changes (if allowed by admins) to configurations of hosts, services, and other objects they have access to in the CCM.

Automatic Passive Check Provisioning

Automatically convert unconfigured objects (passive checks that have no host or services in your system) into actual hosts and services. Apply custom configuration and templates to these objects.

Capacity Planning*

A new, larger look and feel to the capacity planning graphs allows for a more granular look into the predicted data.

Rest API Updates

There are more API endpoints for easier management of your XI system and now you can use over 100 external commands from the new commands endpoint with ease.

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