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Quickly gain a complete view of your IT infrastructure, no matter how complex.

Checkmk provides powerful monitoring of networks, servers, clouds, containers and applications. Fast. Effective.

Monitor your entire hybrid IT infrastructure

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Ensure that your server infrastructure is operating at peak performance. No more late nights and weekends!

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Network monitoring

Gain visibility into your entire network and discover hidden issues impacting its performance.

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Application monitoring

Detect scalability issues, resource hogs, and other performance-related issues and fix them proactively.

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Database monitoring

Monitor databases directly on the servers where they run — or from the outside. Use preconfigured thresholds for minimal setup time.

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Cloud monitoring

Track workloads, bottlenecks, availability and performance across your public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Container monitoring

Get reliable insights into the performance and resource usage of your containers — and container orchestration platforms.

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Storage monitoring

Monitor the hardware and software aspects of your storage systems to manage capacity and respond to failures.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Prevent downtime by keeping track of potential hazards in your server rooms and data centers.

Introducing Checkmk 2.0

Checkmk 2.0 brings a completely new, intuitive user interface with simpler workflows, powerful features for network flow monitoring, and many new and updated features.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

From 0 to monitoring in <10 min

Unlimited scale

Unlimited scale

Hundreds of thousands of hosts

Powerful automation

Powerful automation

Checkmk does the work for you