Unlock Simplicity in IT Management with Freshservice

Transform your IT management from complex to effortless with Freshservice. Our solution cuts through the clutter, offering streamlined processes that enhance team efficiency and user satisfaction. Embrace a new era of IT operations where simplicity drives productivity and results. With Freshservice, you're not just managing IT; you're mastering it. Let's make IT straightforward, together.
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Why Freshservice? Because you deserve the best

Tailor-Made for Your Needs

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Freshservice molds to your unique challenges.

Simplicity at Its Core

Dive into an interface so intuitive, that your team will feel like experts from day one.

Empowerment on All Fronts

From boosting your team's productivity to elevating employee satisfaction, we've got your back.

Service with a Smile

Deliver not just services, but smiles across your organization

Freshservice - Key Features

IT Service Management

Simplify IT service delivery with Freshservice's ITIL-aligned desk. Boost agility and ensure reliability for a seamless tech support experience.

Enterprise Service Management

Harmonize IT and business team efforts for unparalleled service delivery, enhancing overall employee satisfaction.

IT Operations Management

Utilize ML insights for streamlined digital operations and automated incident resolution, maintaining continuous IT service excellence.

IT Asset Management

Establish a comprehensive ITAM strategy for visibility into on-premise and cloud assets, ensuring governance and compliance with modern asset management tools.

IT Project Management

Seamlessly integrate service and project management to drive consistent results, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within scope.

Extensible and Scalable Platform

Leverage our platform's built-in connectors, SDKs, and APIs for enhanced visibility and scalability, reducing dependencies and fostering growth.

No-Code Robust Automation

Drive efficiency by eliminating manual tasks through our intuitive no-code/low-code workflow automation, simplifying process orchestration.

AI-Powered Experiences

Enhance support with Freddy-AI, offering instant help to employees, boosting agent productivity, and providing decision-makers with vital insights for strategic planning.

Why Choose Amrut Software

Trusted Experience

Over two decades of delivering excellence in IT solutions

Global Reach, Local Touch

Worldwide services tailored with a personal approach.

Customized Solutions

Tailored IT strategies that fit your unique business needs.

Unmatched Support

Dedicated, round-the-clock assistance to ensure your success.

Workflows Automator
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IT Service Management

Simplify IT service delivery with Freshservice's ITIL-aligned desk. Boost agility and ensure reliability for a seamless tech support experience.

Engage Contextually

Deliver personalized experiences at scale. Improve lead engagement.

Build tailored campaigns and optimize them with real-time data for better engagement.

Close deals faster

Drive deals to closure, faster. Improve sales conversions by 50%.

Freddy AI helps you focus on the right deals that will drive revenue. Get insights across the funnel from lead to revenue with multi-touch attribution.


Develop nurture campaigns that delight customers. Increase repeat purchases by over 50%.

Nurture leads along the funnel with targeted campaigns, support customers with educational content, and build deeper relationships.

Discover how Freshservice can tailor-fit your IT needs

Join the ranks of 65,000+ customers worldwide who have redefined their IT service management with Freshservice.

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