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Easily build, run, and scale your dream workflows on one platform.
What would you like to manage with Work OS?

Amrut Software partners with to help you manage your distributed teams by eliminating Organizational Silos

Designed with Flexibility to fit thousands of processes


Campaign management Event management Content calendar


Backlogs & Roadmap management new product release Market analysis

IT & Operation

IT helpdesk Employee directory Facilities management


Recruiting New employee onboarding Employee performance

Creative & Design

Client brief intakes Review cycle Video production


Product design Sprints Testing and bug tracking


Lead & pipeline management Account management Invoice tracking

Customer Success

New customer onboarding Support tickets Weekly shifts

Move fast, adapt quickly allows your teams to work in a way that fits their unique needs, and gain agility to adapt at the speed of business.

Bridge over functional silos

Improve collaboration across teams, departments, geographies, hierarchies, and tools with a digital workspace for all business processes.

Align goals and priorities

Prioritize projects, allocate resources and gain visibility into the progress of work across teams and departments, ensuring a line-of-sight to overall company objectives and metrics.

Multiple way Flexibility your projects

Tailer boards to fit your business workflow. Plan, manage and report your projects visually on multple boards views.

Easily Integrate with other work tools.

Automatically gathers your data from multiple tools and finally have all your work in one place.

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