Jira Core by Atlassian

Manage any business project including marketing campaigns, HR onboarding, approvals and legal document reviews.

JIRA Core is a workflow management system which allows you to set up unique processes that suit the way you work. You can plan, track & report any business project with JIRA Core and keep your team organized. Workflow is heart of all systems, moving packets of work from A to B. You can configure your own workflows in JIRA Core as per organization process, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the work, not the process. JIRA Core is not Industry specific & can be used by all industries like IT, Manufacturing, Media, BFSI, Entertainment and E-commerce etc. The beauty of JIRA Core is that the only constraints on your workflow are your processes!

JIRA Core is a JIRA application that provides you with a workflow management system that you can use for many things, including running projects, tracking assets, and basically anything that requires work moving through a workflow. JIRA Core can be customized to suit your needs, and can also be extended and linked with other applications to provide you with the perfect solution to track all your work in one place. It becomes your single source of truth.


Issues are the work packets in JIRA Core. Each issue can be further defined by assigning the issue an issue type. Each issue type would be a type of task, like administration task, filing task, or create document task.


Projects are a way to group your issues, and apply a set of defaults. These defaults make sure all your issues have the information that they need to be progressed and tracked through your workflow. Each project can have an administrator, who is typically the project lead, and they’re responsible for administering the project.


Workflow dictates how an issue can be progressed in a project. The workflows can be as simple or as complex as you need them. Workflows are often modeled on existing processes, and are made up of statuses (or steps) and transitions (movements between statuses).

What types of JIRA Core users are there?

  1. Administrators: Administrators are responsible for the configuration of JIRA Core.
  2. Project administrators: Project administrators are responsible for configuring their projects.
  3. Users: Users are responsible for working in specific JIRA Core projects.

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