Nagios Fee-based Support

Amrut Software shall provide customer with a login to its ticketing tool and train customer on its usage enabling them to raise tickets and follow the process.

Incident/Problem comprises of any issue or bug in the current SOW/Implementation carried out by Amrut Software. While incident will abided by the below mentioned SLA, whereas problem will be further analyzed on the Man-Days required and if any development required then the costing will be sent to customer for approval accordingly. Upon approval of cost for problem management the same will be taken up by Amrut Software team.

The SLA followed by Amrut Software is as follows for incidents:

  • Type: Incident
    Severity: Critical
    Acknowledgement* (In Mins): 15 minutes
    Resolution* (In Hours): 2 hours
  • Type: Incident
    Severity: Major
    Acknowledgement* (In Mins): 15 minutes
    Resolution* (In Hours): 10 hours
  • Type: Incident
    Severity: Low
    Acknowledgement* (In Mins): 15 minutes
    Resolution* (In Hours): 24 hours

* Working hours i.e. 10.30 am – 6.30 pm Monday to Friday except on government and declared holidays List of declared holidays will be provided for each year.

Severity Classification:

Critical: No workaround available. Business process is at stand still.
Major: Workaround available. No direct impact on business process.
Low: No impact on business or application.

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