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Chat for JIRA Service Desk App

Assignment for JIRA & JSD

Round Robin

Automatically assign issues based on multiple criteria : JIRA issues & JIRA service desk incidents to users in your project team.

Cut down the time spent on manually assigning issues and improve your response time. Round Robin app allows you to work smarter on JIRA & JSD by assigning issues to each active user in a circular manner.

Flexibility for user to do cascading

Dependent Select List

Make Single Select List Fields Dependent to each other & create multi level select field hierarchy.

Dependent Select List app provides flexibility for user to do cascading along with options mapping for each project and also for all projects, and can also delete mappings as per requirements. It also supports multilevel field cascading.

Track Various Phases of Projects

Project Status

Track phases of all your projects in a single report.

Project Status app helps to give status to each project, either updating manually or by using saved configurations of each project phase.

Enables customer to push Nagios incident to Jira

Nagios Jira App

Push Nagios Incidents in Jira & Resolve them Faster

Resolve server requests and issues right from your Jira & JSD console. Nagios Jira App integrates the world’s leading IT monitoring system with leading project management tools to ensure no system issue goes unnoticed. Identify, track, and escalate bugs quickly and resolve them before it affects other critical processes.

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