Tableau Server

Access interactive insight from anywhere

Share insight within seconds

You can now author dashboards in Tableau Desktop and then share the same securely with Tableau Server. Allow people to communicate with data in a whole new way. Queries will now be answered in minutes and not months.

Enable strong administration

You can publish shared data models to the Data Server which can be used by your entire team. With Tableau Server, define data sources, add metadata, and author new calculations and data fields for everyone to use. Secure a single source of truth for your business.

An accessible platform to pose queries from anywhere

A dashboard published by you to Tableau Server can be accessed by your team securely from any browser or mobile device. By editing a view on the Web or on a tablet, the team members can have a thorough look and ask new questions. Be it in meetings, in the field and on the go, have your queries answered.

Anyone can learn to use data

With Tableau Server, your entire team can securely use interactive data dashboards. When people across the organization can see and understand their own data, problem-solving becomes easier and they can also discover opportunities.

Delight IT

User-friendliness isn’t just for business users. Tableau Server is quick and easy to install and maintain. Tools like visual permissioning ease out tasks for administrators.

Enterprise-ready and enterprise-proven


Tableau Server offers security at user level as well as at group level for projects and workbooks. You can secure your data with data connection permissions and row-level filtering. Multi-tenancy options ensure that is easy to separate both users and content.

Fresh Data

You can connect to live data or refresh local data on a schedule. You can also receive alerts when data connections fail. With Tableau Server, it is easy to set up subscriptions to get your data whenever you want to.

Embedded Analytics

With Tableau Server, you can easily to integrate data into your business. Embed dashboards within your organization’s existing workflow, with applications like Salesforce and Sharepoint.


Be it for enabling a platform for a team or an entire organization, Tableau Server is ready to grow with you and meet your needs. It scales and works with both hardware and memory. In fact, we run two of the largest data platforms in the world using Tableau Server: Tableau Online and Tableau Public.

Always innovating and improving

Tableau’s software is updated as per today’s needs. We take pride in investing more in R&D than anyone else in the industry and there is always a new release around the corner.

Any data, anywhere

You can connect to any data source securely. With Tableau Server it is easy to publish and share curated data sources. You can also work with popular enterprise data sources like Google Analytics, cubes, AWS, Hadoop, and more. With us, oou can always explore more opportunities as per your requirements.

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