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Zenoss Products

Zenoss Cloud

Built on a cloud-native and scalable multi-tenant platform, Zenoss Cloud delivers full-stack monitoring and AIOps insights at any scale.

Key Benefits


Immediate root-cause analysis

Use real-time modeling to gain awareness into end-to-end infrastructure-related risks.


Improve MTTR

Isolate problems immediately to improve MTTR and eliminate service outage losses.


Predict performance issues

View performance across all on-premise and cloud infrastructures through AIOps insights and predict service health and performance issues.


Future-proof your platform to run at any scale

Share key data and insights with other ITOM tools to intelligently automate a rapid resolution.

A Modern SaaS Platform for Software-Defined IT Operations

Zenoss Service Dynamics

Monitor highly dynamic IT infrastructures on a single platform

Zenoss Resource Manager

Unifies and automates performance monitoring for your entire IT infrastructure including applications, server, storage, networks and cloud.

Identify issues
Eliminates silo views of the infrastructure and streamlines identification and resolution of service issues

Real-time View
Enables IT teams to have an authoritative and real-time view into the health of all enterprise IT resources

Real-Time Model
Collects device information to construct a near real-time model of your environment

Zenoss Service Impact & Analytics

Takes the guesswork out of knowing particular infrastructure event will put critical business services at risk

Display dependencies among infrastructure components

Visualize IT infrastructure as a portfolio of services instead of individual components

Increase MTBF
Increase MTBF and decrease MTTR by focusing on actionable, relevant issues before they degenerate into service delivery problems

Historical Performance
Visualize historical performance trends to improve SLA performance, avoid potential performance degradation and service outages

Zenoss Insight

Allows you to perform log analytics, unified communications monitoring and NetFlow analysis

Key Benefits

Actionable data

Transforms enormous amounts of data into actionable information and allows you to detect anomalies as they occur

Advanced analytics

Creates individual report and dashboards from extracted data that provides holistic insight into any business service or practice area

Intelligent Automation

Integrates with the leading incident management and CMDB systems to automatically create tickets based on event triggers

Holistic view

Combines infrastructure statistics and software performance metrics to provide an overall picture of applications and system performance

Key Benefits


Enhances agility by automating IT operations

Faster change requests

Expedites changes to infrastructure, application, and systems through automation

Time to Value

Allows you to auto create solutions not present in the repository by leveraging executable codes

Cost Optimization

Reduces operational cost and allows human resources to focus on more creative activities

Zenoss Automate

An intelligent Runbook Automation solution equipped with AI, ML and NLP capabilities to simplify and automate IT operations

Zenoss JIRA integration

Use Zenoss events as triggers to automatically create, update and close incident tickets

Key Benefits

Reduces alert noise

Allows IT Ops and ITSM teams to focus on up-to-date, accurate and actionable information

Available at all times, to initiate the resolution process quickly

Minimizes the negative impact of the disruption on the business

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