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Insights from Atlassian’s CISO, Adrian Ludwig.

[/cz_title][cz_title title_pos=”cz_title_pos_block” id=”cz_90188″]Given the demands of the role, a modern CISO can feel like David fighting multiple Goliaths. CISOs, or Chief Information Security Officers, must manage a wide variety of tasks, ranging from cybersecurity threats to automation, to regulatory compliance, and an environment of ever-evolving technologies. Now, CISOs must not only handle all of the above, but do so in a remote or hybrid work environment.[/cz_title][cz_title id=”cz_19619″]To better understand how security professionals are managing this paradigm shift, I talked to Adrian Ludwig, Chief Information Security Officer at Atlassian, to learn what keeps him up at night and what he’s excited about.[/cz_title][cz_gap height=”20px”]


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