Atlassian Customisation Services

Our team helps your to do either local or remote installation and take the hassles out of your head.

Having seen simple installations failing due to various reasons we provide the service of installation support. Our team can do either local or remote installation and take the hassles out of your head. This saves in money and time as our experts are able to configure Jira / confluence and other products. It helps that we are experts in Installshield as training and consultancy partner.

Architectural Planning

JIRA is a collaborative tool. It integrates with multiple software vendor’s solutions and many plugin, all this sounds magic but requires thorough planning and analysis. This is where we can come in. In addition to the above you may use ALM, waterfall or prototyping models or something similar. These require special attention. Our consultants work with your team, analyses your requirements and then plan the whole outlay.

This includes people who want to migrate from one Jira version to other, also in launch and deployment of Jira solutions.

Data Migration

Organisations having used different bug tracking tools have a requirement of migration of their existing data to jira. This is one important aspect of jira implementation and happens in many business cases.

Almost always, the tool being used is not known to Jira and even if it has an integration, data migration needs to be provided as a service. Amrut Software has many years of experience of data migration. Over years we have migrated from different defect bug tracking tools to Jira successfully. JIRA defect tracking or Jira bug tracking benefits are enhanced once the data is included.

This is a service that requires analysis of parent schema and cycle and defining test conditions and then writing plugins for the same. All migrations go through multiple levels of testing and analysis.

Plugins Development

For efficient and enhanced use of Jira capabilities, one needs to look at plugin development. Amrut Software over years has written many plugins for customers. These are in the internal domain of Amrut Software and are available to only its customers. But the number of clients who have taken benefit of this service is very large.

Performance Analysis

One of the issues with Jira implementation is to identify if there are any performance bottlenecks and that the proposed system is well tuned. It is no surprise that with various integration points, there will be tweaking required and sometimes some plugins needed. The data migration also plays an important role in identification of bottlenecks.

We provide the service of stress testing and load testing and give you proper results. Overall Amrut Software does handholding of clients. A part of our training process is pilot project. This is done with the team in mind. The project takes you through various stages of Jira Development, work flow, customization, configuration, testing etc.

In a fully customised integrated environment, we take additional care of integration by developing cost-saving plugins and interfaces.