Ecommerce Development

“Online is the new Brick and Mortar”

With the evolution of technology at such a fast pace, time has been an essential element for people. They do not wish to go out to Stores, wait in huge lines for cashing out and then reach all the way back home in traffic jams. People want ease and they want to enjoy what they are doing rather than cat and dog fight. This has given online e-commerce a huge boost.

Development of E-commerce platform has been at ease with products like Shopify, WooCommerce etc. in the market but still the demand of customized solution wins over them. They have tried developing so many customization options but there is always a limit to that as it cannot be a one stop requirement for all.

Amrut Software can design your Online Store from Scratch and build it grounds up with the best in class graphical tools to represent your store like you have seen ever before.

Even if you have a Retail Store or distributorship or even if you are a student, it is an added advantage to have an online presence for a better service to the customers.

Features of E-commerce Development

A single tool with complex Operational Facilities, Jira keeps in mind every member of your software team and helps them in the following 4 stages:

Robust Design

A design that stands apart, still is easy to customize and has complete feature pool that helps your business grow.

Order Management

Cross verifying the details and processing each order in the next step of shipping, is a tedious task and should be eliminated. Get ready for Autonomous Order Management tool.

Smooth Inventory Management

Inward, GRN, Inventory Update, Shipping, Returns and so many stages where the Inventory is affected. If the Management tool is not capable of managing all the task, it is time for an upgrade.

Logistics Affiliation

Tie up your Logistics Tracking Details and get updates on every movement of your package. This also doesn’t need any manual work of tracking but every detail will be available to you on your Dashboard.

Easy Marketplace Integration

Connect your Account with some of the Biggest Marketplaces with a simple API Connection Tool. This will fetch all your orders in a single place and order management will become a breeze. This also helps keeping a single inventory across various platforms.

Real Time Reporting

You need to have a knowledge of every order that are going or coming, orders stuck, inventory issues, logistics challenges and so much more. A single panel multi-purpose panel will help you achieve.

Marketing Suit Integration

SEO, SMO and so many other jargons of Marketing can be covered in the complete Marketing Package. This will give you a single place to update all your Marketing needs.


Get updates on your Dashboard as well as your Phone. With Notifications, you do not even have to go on the Dashboard. You can be in any part of the world and you will get Notification through Email or SMS.

Role Assigning

Assigning different Roles to different people like the Logistics team will have access to only the Logistics part of the Website and nothing more. Complete customizable tool can give you and your team a very specific access to different parts of the backend.

Connecting your Warehouses across the World

Let’s say that you have 2warehouses, one in Mumbai and other in Bangaluru. When the order comes the system should suggest which warehouse has the inventory and should automatically assign the order to that warehouse. For more complex chains of warehouse, you need a sophisticated system to manage the complete Supply Chain.

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