Nagios Implementation Services

Amrut Software is now among the Top five Nagios Consultants in the world as rated by Nagios Enterprises Inc.

Nagios is one of the most Powerful IT Infrastructure Monitoring System

What is Nagios

In simple terms, Nagios monitors your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. Proactively, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers.

With Nagios, you are better equipped to tackle the unseen breakdowns well in advance and take precautionary measure to rectify them.

What is Nagios Implementation?

Nagios is one of the most popular software services around the globe. Its popularity is because of the wide range of functionality and customization ability. It not only simple but a way more robust, a combination rarely seen.

Nagios Implementation is not a simple task. With our Professional in-house team of Nagios Implementers, we will Analyse your complete IT Infrastructure and guide you to the best possible Nagios Solution. The complete Road Map of how Nagios can be implemented as per your company’s current business flow will be provided.

Why Nagios?

Easy Migration

Any Company’s first concern is the migration from the existing system to a new system.

  • Will all my data sync properly?
  • What will happen if there is a break in the migration?
  • Will I lose my data?

There are so many worry-some questions but the answer to that is very simple. Migrating to a Nagios Environment is easy as a Breeze! Yes, we mean it. There will be no headaches and the data will be secure.

Universal Monitoring

With so many monitoring solutions and implementing different monitoring solutions is not a right answer. Nagios includes:

  • Operating System: Linux, Windows, Mac etc.
  • System resources: CPU, Disk, Swaps, RAM etc.
  • Networking Hardware: Switches, Routers, VPN, Firewall etc.
  • Remote Monitoring: No matter which part of the world you are in, Nagios bring remote monitoring to your smartphones


Getting Notifications Effectively for any mishap in your systems is of Prime importance. This notification is not just for a single user but designed for your complete organization. You can assign the roles and responsibilities along with which notification can be received by whom and in which format viz. SMS or Email. You can also create Critical Rules as which Notification can be triggered when and you can add as many Permutations and Combinations possible.

Issue Escalation

Issue Escalation is an automatic alert that is triggered when the owner of a specific task does not solve the issue in the time allotted. The alert can be customized to all the senior escalations and can be also customized to the time after which the issue should be escalated. The designed SLA for different companies for solving the issue might be different. This is where Nagios helps understand if the issues are being resolved in timely manner or not.


Dashboard’s like any other has all the tools overview so you do not have to search for individual disturbances but just analyse the whole scenario from the Dashboard. Dashboard’s help reduce time to find the error as the complete system is right in front of your which is continuously monitored and is sending you real time data.


Reporting is a very crucial aspect of Nagios. You can customize your reports as per your needs and there is no need of any external system for the same. Nagios implementation covers a detailed project plan of how the reporting, specific to your organization will be structured from scratch.

API Integration

Nagios is made with such high level of Integrating tools that enables you to integrate your current application processed to Nagios. This integration will make your data flow to Nagios very easily and there will be no need of any other extra setup. The required data will be pulled by Nagios automatically and the required reports with will sent to you.


Though maintenance is something that Nagios rarely requires, we make sure that we keep your system in the best condition with regular maintenance checks. This also helps us understand if there are any error in the back end or if there are any changes that are required to be done remotely by us.


Though maintenance is something that Nagios rarely requires, we make sure that we keep your system in the best condition with regular maintenance checks. This also helps us understand if there are any error in the back end or if there are any changes that are required to be done remotely by us.

Software Update

Software update always gives an enhancement to the current usage. Amrut Software can remotely update your system without any hassle of shutting it down or interrupting your work flow. If there are any major updates then Trainings will be organized accordingly.

Open Source Community

With millions of Open Source Developers and Coders around the world, Nagios stands tall. Thousands of Plugin and Addons which are available in the open market can be selected to suit your requirements. With such amount of developers, there is a strong community who test the codes for security breaches and this gives an added advantage over other tools and services available.

VFM (Value For Money)

Being so Robust and still being a VFM! How is it possible? Well its completely possible with Amrut Software. With our in-house team of experts to understand your requirements, we also help you cut down the cost from the time of Migration till the time of regular Maintenance.

Nagios Services offered to various industry

Health Care
IT Sector

Nagios Services Offerings

Monitoring Linux & Windows Environment
Specialized in Datacentres Monitoring
Website / Database Monitoring
Expertise with Bash / Pearl Scripting
Migration from Nagios Core to Nagios XI
Advance Hardware Monitoring for Storage
Cloud Computing
Protocol Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Expertise on Handling Massive Infrastructures
Integration with Ticketing Systems
Integration with Nagios Mobile

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