Strengthening Network Security: Mastering Chaos with Allowlists

Mastering Chaos with Allowlists

In the relentless battle against cyber threats, network security reigns supreme. To safeguard your company from malicious attacks, allowlists play a pivotal role. Join JFrog's Avinash Jha as he explores three powerful approaches to fortify your network security with allowlists. Let's delve in!

IP/CIDR IP Range from VPN


Effortlessly allow VPN access without individual IP additions.


Requires maintenance when VPN range or provider changes.

Allowlist via DNS


Elevate security with limited access via DNS authentication.


Keep MyJFrog Portal up-to-date for DNS mapped IP changes.

Private Link Connection


Heightened security using cloud provider backbone.


Requires JFrog and internal cloud services to be in the same cloud.

Choose your approach wisely to master chaos and empower your network security! Set up allowlists to thwart cyber threats and protect your applications.

Take action today and fortify your defenses with allowlists - your network's ultimate safeguard! Reach us at

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