Nagios Training India

While Amrut Software is open to the idea of training directly all end-users of your company, our proven and preferred methodology is the one of cascade training.

System Administration (SA) Training

A 1 day session which has for primary objective to make your System Administrator fluent with all administrative functions of the applications, including but not limited to management of the environment, setup, management of users and passwords, download, testing and installation of patches, etc. This is generally conducted on-site along with the installation process.

Super-Users (SU) Training

Typically, this would last for 4 days and your SU would gain a complete overview of the application, the processes and the system administration. Your Super-Users may not be intricate with every detail of each process, yet they will have a complete bird-eye view of the system. This will be performed on-site prior to the User Acceptance Testing.

For each training for deployment and day to day operations:

  • Presentation that introduces the course and subject in training.
  • Training manual that may be used to back-up the hands-on training and later as refresher It contains screen shots and concisely explains the modules & process as available in the solution deployed.
  • Practical exercises, prepared for the user to test and practice.

A detailed training methodology document and process will be put up during the project kick off / initiation meet and during the project with your PMO. Typically the transfer of knowledge and the process is provided in the below diagram.

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