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EMPG & OLX | Migration and Implementation Use Case

EMPG Case Study

Client’s Overview

The Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) owns and operates bespoke property verticals in emerging markets, primarily in the Middle East and South Asia.They disrupt traditional processes in emerging markets by introducing solutionsthat make property searching faster, easier, and simpler. Their competitive advantage comes from the tremendous value they add to the businesses that work with their portals, and the significant ease we provide to end users.

Business Challenges

Client want to implement different channels and workflow for end-users. Migration of two source (OLX PK and OLX Mena) instances into a third (EMPG) live instance which is a host for other two brands as well.

Business Impact

Merged two different instances into a third Zendesk instance and ensured migration of all the Archived (closed) tickets to different brands.

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