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Atlassian Jira & Nagios Integration

When you think of applications and tools related to overall project management including infrastructure, the requirement has perfect solution in integrating Jira with Nagios. In silos, Nagios is IT management system and software suite that helps organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.

Whereas Atlassian product Jira is a tracker tool for planning. Integrate Nagios with Atlassian Jira to bring detailed status information of your IT systems to your issue tracker. The few advantages out of many in using the integrated solution are:

  • List real-time status information.
  • Easy to use.
  • Aggregate status information.
  • Accessible.
  • Enables pushing Nagios incident to Jira.

JIRA + Confluence + Zendesk / JSD Integration

Consider a customer requirement which emphasises on communication as the key need in project management. What could be the possible tools you need if Jira is the choice of PM software? Confluence, a team Wiki where a team can create, organize and discuss work items. It’s a perfect combo product candidate for Jira where inter and intra communications can be blended with integration. Being web-based tool, cross-functional teams can communicate effectively which brings about operational project management. Communication is much beyond email conversation where your customers or partners can ‘Talk’ on same platform. Confluence avoids information loss by capturing meeting notes, product requirements, file lists, or project plans. Project management for BPO or customer-centric environments require frequent and continual client communication.

Moving from intra to inter organisational communication, ZenDesk can bring all your customer conversations at one place. It is a simplified tool for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. It provides a self-service destination and a customer portal. Options for live chat, phone conversations, messaging software helps companies manage customer relations with real time responses. Also cost is the prime decision maker in the final choice of the option.

So when you need HelpDesk Management to be done, are we looking only for a product like ZenDesk to be deployed directly and be happy with it or is there some other option which is customised to meet more needs, which is cost saving and have more tightly working environment? Here Amrut’s experience can help you. If you have an existing Jira deployment with Confluence, you can select Jira Service Desk (JSD), another Atlassian product, in your environment which after integration with Jira and Confluence can give more than 100% results for sure.

Nagios + ZenDesk / JSM Integration

Nagios being IT infrastructure monitoring and IT monitoring software provides organizations with extended insight of their IT infrastructure. In Nagios product line, Nagios XI provides high usability, flexibility and customizability to meet client surveillance needs. Nagios works as on premises (perpetual license) tool. You can create a datacentre and have licenses for individual servers. By applying inter-organizational communication tool ZenDesk, you can collate all the customer conversations at a single point for view and with Nagios these conversations can be monitored in real time. As ZenDesk provides a customer portal, integration with monitoring tool becomes easier. Again, ZenDesk and JSD both are good candidates for integration with infra tool.

JIRA + Confluence + JSM + GitHub + Nagios Integration

Consider a case where an organisation needs to set up the product environment from scratch. You need to establish the system with all the solutions and are looking for highly integrated tool setup which gives best possible combination of all than on the shelf tools available in the market.

Depending on the cost, users, resources, and principal investment, Amrut can suggest you possible combinations of tools. For example: JIRA as project management tool, Confluence as intra-communication tool, JSD or Zendesk as intra-communication or HelpDesk tool, GitHub as build and collaboration tool and Nagios as infrastructure management and monitoring tool. As Nagios is based on datacentre, if your choice is to opt for perpetual license, Nagios is the product of choice. For cloud based options, you can check the combination of products suitable for virtual or cloud-based monitoring.

Amrut’s competency is not limited to bring to you only the product features but to provide you a complete, workable, cost-effective and integral solution.

JIRA + Confluence + ZenDesk + GitHub + LMS Integration

In a scenario where it is required to deploy all the application management tools from scratch, if the choice is to go for cloud-based solutions, Logic Monitor is the tool of choice. You may opt for LM (Logic Monitor) which is a cloud based solution by deploying an agent on the user side and the entire infrastructure is managed by LM. It is completely remote experience, online without any physical infra required. So neither internet and nor operational work is required. Saving life time operational and connectivity cost by paying one-time integration cost is a good bargain. The big advantage with any cloud app is saving money on infrastructure, maintenance, support and resources.

JIRA + Bitbucket Integration

Bitbucket server is the on-premises Git repository management solution for enterprise teams. It allows everyone in your organisation to easily collaborate on your Git repositories. Bitbucket replaces the need to have FishEye and Crucible in the environment as it serves for the two products.

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