Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

Digital commerce has transformed from just buying and selling of goods to personalized consumer experience and adapting to the rapidly changing market dynamics. Businesses are leveraging data with the help of technology and working on data-driven insights to create customer centric experiences. Amrut’s digital commerce offering transforms the way businesses interact and service their customers in today’s omni-channel landscape.

Category insights

Channel performance

Personalized Customer Experience

We help you to monitor, analyse and plan your business by providing a complete digital footprint of your business and serve your customers better thereby achieving increased revenue, optimized costs and maximized profits. We help you with

Visualize Your Enterprise Data

We bring all business data sources together, be it third-party integrated platforms, in house systems or industry recognized software

Real Time Answers

Power BI’s natural language processing features that can easily query your data and provide immediate answers.

Beyond Analytics

With integrated R, our data science team can help you to leverage beyond the basic analytics with Power BI.

Track business KPIs and maximize profitability by reviewing every aspect of your retail & eCommerce business with the help of leading BI tools like Qlikview, Qliksense, Tableau and likes!

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