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Easily manage, scale, and drive impact across your organization

Bring all retail operations together in one intuitive, collaborative, and data-based platform. From new product development to store rollouts, range reviews, and much more, connect every team, streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Future-proof your retail operations to hit milestones faster

Execute new product development with speed

Manage every product development process from A to Z on one customizable platform. Get a bird’s-eye view of your team’s entire workload, including product roadmaps, NPD requests, and project timelines.

Streamline every range review process with ease

Monitor and speed up every phase of the range review process by triggering workflows, automating steps, and generating templates that work for you. Make informed category-strategic decisions and rapidly execute on shifting consumer preferences to win market.

Speed up new store acquisitions and renovations

From small store refurbishments to multi-store rollouts — evaluate new opportunities, set clear milestones, steps and dependencies, and coordinate large teams of suppliers and partners to achieve speed to market.

Best practices for in-store management

Improve store efficiency, reduce administrative work, and enhance your customers’ experience. for retail empowers you to run and monitor all in-store operations by providing flexible building blocks to build work schedules, track all operational store tasks, and returned item management.

End-to-end marketing

Easily integrate with campaign calendars, content productions, and design tools and keep internal and external stakeholders up to date — from external media and advertising agencies to visual merchandise suppliers, and more.

Streamline your creative workflows

Organize, centralize and manage all retail creative resources in one place. Collaborate easily on all in-store and digital design assets with real-time annotations and file versioning to speed up edits, proofing, and approvals.

Provide outstanding employee experiences

Manage all HR workflows and projects, whether it’s tracking candidates or onboarding new hires. Get greater visibility into day-to-day performance, communicate confidentially, manage leave requests, and oversee workloads.

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