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Digital commerce has transformed from just buying and selling of goods to personalized consumer experience and adapting to the rapidly changing market dynamics. Businesses are leveraging data with the help of technology and working on data-driven insights to create customer centric experiences. Amrut’s digital commerce offering transforms the way businesses interact and service their customers in today’s omni-channel landscape.

Digital Commerce Services offering

Every Marketplace has to make product data fit a required format and map SKUs accordingly to show products in the right category online.

A well-structured and clean catalog is easy on the eyes and allows users to skim through all the details at one glance.

How Amrut Retail Solutions helps you to gain better CX for your customers

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Inbound Call center

You spend a fortune building a brand with a great reputation but for some unforeseen circumstances it might lead to a fallout with your customers who then tend to harm your brand reputation by ranting on your social platforms or on consumer complaint boards.

Online Business Promotions

Google ranking systems are designed to sort and filter out the most relevant and useful results in a fraction of a second. Organic traffic to your ecommerce website is a boon as you need not spend huge budgets to drive sales. We help in driving the click to conversion ratio and create the right kind of traffic, opening up marketing channels and acquiring more loyal customers through our SEO/SEM services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to a website and create a good user experience. We help with a variety of elements including keyword research, on-page optimization for best SEO practices, web site optimization, usability to rank your pages better on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

An e-tailer wants to know how its product is positioned and where it stands in a particular category as a Best Seller on any particular market place. We provide the metrics based on recent and historical sales figures, product positioning on price, content and customer experience which helps to determine sales rank, on a particular platform.

Track business KPIs and maximize profitability

Use Cases

How brands win with Amrut Software

Collaborative team work and healthy family environment helps company and the employees to grow together for a a better tomorrow.

A large price comparison website from Europe lacked good product content with few prices for a significant number of its SKUs which led to low customer retention and conversions.

An E-tailer from the US which sells its own private label on their website and other ecommerce platforms was finding it difficult with product performance on their website with poor quality images.

One of India's biggest luxury product platforms was struggling to organize, manage and conduct quality checks on SKU's from their vendors to be listed on their website.

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