Gain Competitive Advantage with Smart Pricing Strategies

Digital commerce has transformed from just buying and selling of goods to personalized customer and seller experience. Price is one of the most important factors of any sale cycle in today’s competitive market. Every customer wants to buy products at the best price available in the market and every seller wants to beat the competition, acquire more loyal customers and wants to sell products on different ecommerce platforms.

Optimize Pricing


Protect Margins

Increase Conversions

How Amrut Software helps you

We help you to monitor, analyse and plan your pricing strategies by providing a complete digital footprint of your business and serve your customers better thereby achieving increased revenue, optimized costs and maximized profits. We give customers insights from the market and competition to position prices intelligently so that you can stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Scrapping and Matching millions of product prices in a short time
Dashboards, Price Analytics & Comparison Reports
Price Trends, Business Performance, Areas of growth
Product and Price positioning with competitive products
Drive the click to conversion rate and acquire more loyal customers
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How brands win with Amrut Software

Collaborative team work and healthy family environment helps company and the employees to grow together for a a better tomorrow.

A large price comparison website from Europe lacked good product content with few prices for a significant number of its SKUs which led to low customer retention and conversions.

An E-tailer from the US which sells its own private label on their website and other ecommerce platforms was finding it difficult with product performance on their website with poor quality images.

One of India's biggest luxury product platforms was struggling to organize, manage and conduct quality checks on SKU's from their vendors to be listed on their website.

Amrut Software | Digital Commerce

Amrut Sofware has worked with several retail and e-commerce customers across the globe since 2004. Our unique customer-centric approach helps businesses to deliver impactful results by combining technology, data, and human intelligence. Amrut business solutions leverage industry experience, analytics, and an agile approach to maintaining a competitive edge. All these metrics are backed with our BI tools which collect, and analyze customer and product data, helping in decision-making and thus delivering actionable insights into your business.

We support clients to focus on their core business as we manage their digital commerce operations, gaining valuable ROI for their business.

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