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Pain Points

An E-tailer from the US which sells its own private label on their website and other ecommerce platforms was finding it difficult with product performance on their website with poor quality images.

Approach to Solution

Search Rank
We helped them optimize their search rank with right keyword strategies, better tags, product page optimization thereby creating a good user experience. This helped them to deep dive into shelf analytics and gave insights on how their products are positioned on all platforms. A revised report after optimization showed better search rankings of products

Sales Rank
Better sales rank by optimizing product content with better titles, seo rich content, sponsored adds, offers, competitive price etc and created reports to gain insights on product performance. The result being a significant spike in sales by 34% and website traffic with a good user experience

The images were decent but not of the greatest quality which is the usp of any etail or ecomm today. Our image editing experts enhanced the quality of the images to industry specific standards which were a delight for the eyes.

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