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Streamlining Customer Service with Zendesk

Streamlining Customer Service with Zendesk at one of the popular E-commerce companies


The client is a highly regarded online shopping destination known for its curated collection of quality products. With a focus on in-house development, the client ensures a perfect balance of quality and value for its customers. The company's commitment to exceptional customer service led to the establishment of a dedicated customer service department responsible for providing real-time orders and customer information to their executives.



  • Successful implementation of Zendesk as a comprehensive customer service solution
  • Integration with Oracle NetSuite for seamless querying of available stock based on SKU information.
  • Custom app development provides executives with advanced search capabilities and real-time order information.
  • The elimination of multiple systems led to significant time savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Department-specific SLAs and escalation matrices ensure prompt issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

The client encountered several challenges in their customer service operations:

  • Multiple systems: Call center executives had to navigate through three different systems to handle customer inquiries, resulting in time wastage and reduced efficiency.
  • Insufficient information: The existing NetSuite Connector app did not provide the necessary information, forcing agents to switch between applications to access critical data.
  • Inventory management: The client faced difficulties in querying available stock at various locations based on SKU information, hindering their ability to provide accurate and timely responses to customer inquiries.

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