Success Stories

Transforming Customer Service for Ghana's Largest Retail Chain

Client Largest Retail Chain

Industry Retail Online Store


Client’s Overview

Amrut Software partnered with Ghana's largest retail department store chain, renowned for its extensive product range and well-known brands. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, the client sought to streamline their support operations. They faced challenges with their existing email-based system, which lacked visibility and hindered efficient customer support.

Business Challenges

The client's customer service operations were primarily reliant on email communication, which posed several challenges, such as:

  • Managing customer inquiries and support requests through email alone proved to be cumbersome and inefficient. The use of group email boxes in Outlook further complicated the process.
  • The lack of a centralized system made it challenging to monitor and manage customer interactions effectively.
  • The client faced significant difficulties in gaining visibility into agent performance and the overall customer service workflow.
  • The disjointed nature of email communication led to delays, confusion, and potential gaps in addressing customer concerns.

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